GeoTrellis is a geographic data processing engine for high performance applications.


GeoTrellis provides data types for working with rasters in the Scala language, as well as fast reading and writing of these data types to disk.


GeoTrellis provides a number of operations to manipulate raster data, including cropping/warping, Map Algebra operations, and rendering operations, as well as vector to raster operations such as Kernel Density and vectorization of raster data.

Web Service Utilities

GeoTrellis includes a set of utilities to help developers create useful, high performing web services that load and manipulate raster data.


We are always figuring out new ways to leverage the powerful processing power of GeoTrellis. The source code for demos can be found on our GitHub account.

Crop of Sustainable Development Goals demo with hospitals and population highlighted.

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals

This map shows the proportion of a country’s population that is within 2km of an all-season road in support of SDG Indicator 9.1.1.

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Application screenshot displaying a pop-up of a building that is in both OpenStreetMap and Bing.

Visualizing dataset discrepancies

There are 125 million building footprints in Bing and 33 million in OpenStreetMap. This map leverages Azavea’s VectorPipe library to help show how the two large datasets differ.

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Identifying the best place to plant a tree

Trees provide countless economic, social, and environmental benefits. Discover optimal tree planting locations based on environmental and demographic data.

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Projects that use GeoTrellis

Explore applications that leverage the high performance geoprocessing capabilities of GeoTrellis.

Developing with GeoTrellis

We have an active Gitter channel, where we can help you get started and answer questions you may have about using GeoTrellis in your project!

GeoTrellis code in two overlapping terminal windows.

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