GeoTrellis is a geographic data processing engine for high performance applications.


GeoTrellis provides data types for working with rasters in the Scala language, as well as fast reading and writing of these data types to disk.


GeoTrellis provides a number of operations to manipulate raster data, including cropping/warping, Map Algebra operations, and rendering operations, as well as vector to raster operations such as Kernel Density and vectorization of raster data.

Web Service Utilities

GeoTrellis includes a set of utilities to help developers create useful, high performing web services that load and manipulate raster data.

How to use GeoTrellis

Real-time, web speed REST services

GeoTrellis can help build web applications that work with raster data. It provides a set of functionality to aid the translation of queries into GeoTrellis operations, that load raster data, operate on your data, and render the results of those operations in a format useful to return to the client.

Fast batch processing

GeoTrellis can also be used to do fast batch processing of large raster data. Currently GeoTrellis uses Akka clustering to distribute data across a cluster; in the next version of GeoTrellis, we will be running on the Spark system.


Check out these demo projects that use GeoTrellis. The source for these projects and more can be found at our Github account.

Case Studies

Explore applications that leverage the high performance geoprocessing capabilities of GeoTrellis.